South Dakota

Pennington County Victims Assistance Program

The Pennington County Victims Assistance Program is committed to ensuring that crime victims receive the rights to which they are entitled. We are also committed to providing services and advocacy to help crime victims recover from the trauma of their victimization. They said If you are a victim of a violent crime or vehicular battery, you are entitled to certain rights under the provisions of the 1991 South Dakota Victims Rights Act. 



Phone: 605-394-2191

South Dakota Crime Victims' Compensation

The South Dakota Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC) Program provides monetary assistance to victims of violent crimes. This program, administered by the Department of Social Services, can pay a maximum of $15,000 for expenses incurred as a direct result of personal injury to, or death of, a victim of state, tribal, or federal crimes. Program administers state and federal grants that provide funding to programs that offer shelter, advocacy, crisis counseling, and other victims’ services to sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking and other violent crime victims.



Phone: 605.773.5884

The Network

The Network is a state-level non-profit agency comprised of caring people dealing with the concerns of domestic violence and sexual assault victims. Our member programs employ and support individuals of all racial, social, religious and economic groups, ages, and lifestyles. Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART)- If you or a friend has been a victim of sexual assault, please consult with a sexual assault response team. The SART are teams that work together all over the country. A SART is a multidisciplinary, interagency team of specially trained providers who agree to share resources and work together when responding to victims of sexual assault. These team members usually include victim advocates, law enforcement, forensic examiners, crime lab specialists, and prosecuting attorneys, but they can also include other professionals like dispatchers, emergency medical technicians, and public health officials. Patient confidentiality is the highest priority.  



Phone: 800-670-3989

The South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic & Sexual Violence

The South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic & Sexual Violence (SDCEDSV) is dedicated to the reclamation of the respected, autonomous and safe status of women who have been battered/raped, and their children and therefore is committed to the elimination of personal and societal violence in the lives of women and their children. The SDCEDSV’s work includes: safe home and shelter programs for women who are battered/raped and their children; public education and technical assistance.



Phone: (605) 945-0869


WAVI is a shelter in Rapid City that offers many services to victims of Domestic Violence.  Our Sheriff’s office now has two full time Victim Advocates working for them who work directly with victims of DV and other violent crimes.

Additional Info

National Resources


    This site is for locating state resources for "An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection" organization. Email them at .

  • Victim Information and Notification Everyday

    VINELink is the online version of VINE, the National Victim Notification Network. This is a 24-hour service.

  • Parents of Murdered Children

    To Provide support and assistance to all survivors of homicide victims while working to create a world free of murder.

  • National Organization for Victim Assistance

    A private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) national organization committed to the recognition and implementation of victim rights and services.

  • National Human Trafficking Hotline

    The National Hotline is a national, 24-hour call center that responds to cases of human trafficking. Human trafficking is defined as a situation in which an individual is compelled to work or engage in commercial sex through the use of force, fraud, or coercion.


    • 888-373-888